• Sold By: Farmtinder

    Protective Farm Overall

    Sold By: Farmtinder

    Product Name: Protective Farm Overall Fabric

    Protecting the body with suitable clothing is crucial for preventing injuries during farm work. The Farm Overall Fabric is a full-body cover garment designed to provide comprehensive protection against harsh weather, thorns, and dirt specks during farm operations.

    Product Details:

    • Weight: 800 g
    • Classification: Protective Wear
  • Sold By: Farmtinder

    Metal Watering Vault

    Sold By: Farmtinder

    Product Name: Metal Watering Vaults

    Size: 4 Liters Capacity


    • Equipped with a sprout featuring a rose for gentle water distribution
    • Lightweight and well-balanced design for easy handling
    • Graduation marks for easy measurement of liquid volume
    • Versatile usage for light irrigation, liquid fertilizer application, construction tasks, seedling care, and more
    • Can be used for administering pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides

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