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Product Name: Chicken Feeders

Material: Durable plastic

Design: Open-top with twist lock base

Capacity: Accommodates 5 to 10 birds

Types: Trough, Tube, Hanging, Pan


Chicken feeders play a crucial role in poultry farming, ensuring that chickens have access to food efficiently. Here are the characteristics and types of chicken feeders commonly used:

Characteristics of Chicken Feeder:

  1. Material: Typically made of durable plastic to withstand the rigors of poultry farming.
  2. Open-Top Design: Facilitates fast filling and easy cleaning, saving time and effort for the farmer.
  3. Twist Lock Base: Prevents feed wastage by minimizing spillage and scattering.
  4. Capacity: Designed to accommodate varying flock sizes, ranging from feeding 10 to 25 birds.

Types of Chicken Feeder:

  1. Trough Feeders: Simple and straightforward, trough feeders feature long, narrow containers where feed is placed. Chickens access the feed by pecking at it from the trough.
  2. Tube Feeders: These cylindrical containers have feeding ports at the bottom, preventing chickens from scattering feed on the ground. This design helps minimize wastage and keeps the feeding area tidy.
  3. Hanging Feeders: Suspended from the ceiling or a stand, hanging feeders keep the feed off the ground to reduce contamination and waste. They are ideal for larger flocks and provide convenient access to feed.
  4. Automatic Feeders: These innovative feeders dispense a predetermined amount of feed at regular intervals, automating the feeding process. They reduce the need for frequent refilling and ensure chickens have continuous access to food, even when the farmer isn’t present.
  5. Pan Feeders: Featuring a shallow pan or dish, pan feeders are suitable for chicks or smaller flocks. They provide easy access to feed and are often used in brooding areas or for raising young birds.

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5,800.006,500.00 (-11%)

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