Digital Scale (100kg)

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Product Name: Digital Standing Scale (100kg)

Type: Electronic Foldable Weighing Scale

Material: Carbon Material

Weighing Capacity: 100-800kg

The Digital Standing Scale (100kg) is an electronic foldable weighing scale designed for professional use. Constructed from durable carbon material, it offers reliability and accuracy in weighing applications.

This scale has a wide weighing capacity ranging from 100kg to 800kg, with optional division settings of 10g, 20g, or 50g for precise measurements. It operates on a power supply of 110-240V and features a rechargeable battery for convenient use even in areas without electricity.

Equipped with a user-friendly keyboard with 0-9 digital numbers and function keys such as Clear, ADD, Zero, Tare, ON, and OFF, this scale offers ease of operation and versatility. It functions as both a price computing scale and a professional weighing device, catering to diverse weighing needs in various settings.


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Digital Scale (100kg)

63,500.0065,000.00 (-2%)

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