Golden NPK 15-15-15

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Variants: Available in 25kg bags

Active Ingredients: Nitrogen (N) 15%, Phosphorus (P) 15%, Potassium (K) 15%, Sulfur (S)


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Golden NPK (S) 15-15-15 Complex Fertilizer is a highly versatile fertilizer formulated with a perfect balance of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and sulfur. This well-rounded fertilizer is particularly suitable for sowing, addressing the nutritional needs of crops after sowing.

Sulfur, an essential component of amino acids, vitamins, and proteins, plays a crucial role in regulating the availability of nitrogen, mobilizing phosphorus and potassium, and enhancing the uptake of soil micronutrients.

Usage: Golden NPK 15-15-15 fertilizer is suitable for use on all soil types and is compatible with a wide range of crops. It serves as a fundamental fertilizer in Nigeria, meeting the nutritional requirements of plants.


  • Provides a balanced nutrient profile crucial for plant growth.
  • Suitable for various soil types and crops.
  • Particularly beneficial for early-stage plant development.
  • Enhances the availability of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and micronutrients.
  • Supports amino acid, vitamin, and protein synthesis in plants.
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Golden NPK 15-15-15

25,000.0032,000.00 (-22%)

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