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Product Name: Indorama UREA (46% N)

Variants: Available in 50kg

Active Ingredient: Urea (46% Nitrogen)

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Indorama UREA (46% N) is a highly efficient nitrogenous fertilizer containing the highest nitrogen content available in the market, approximately 46 percent. Urea, the primary component, is a white crystalline organic chemical compound. This fertilizer is neutral in pH and adaptable to almost all types of soils.

Fertilizer Composition:

  • Nitrogen (N): 46%

Primary Functions of Urea Fertilizer:

  1. Supports Vegetative Growth: Nitrogen is essential for promoting green leafy growth in plants.
  2. Improves Roots and Flowering: Phosphorus, a key component, enhances root development and flowering.
  3. Strengthens Resistance: Potassium contributes to increased resistance to environmental stresses, such as extreme temperatures and pest attacks.

Application and Benefits:

  • Urea is a key nitrogen fertilizer widely used in agriculture for both soil application and as an animal feed additive.
  • It plays a crucial role in promoting green leafy growth and lush appearance in plants.
  • Urea aids in the photosynthesis process of plants.
  • While primarily used for bloom growth due to its nitrogen content, it is versatile and suitable for various crops and soils.
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