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Product Type: Herbicide

Active Ingredients: Paraquat dicloride 276g/lt SL

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Non-selective foliage applied contact herbicide. It is used for the control of a wide range of annual broadleaved weeds and grasses. It is fast-acting and rains fast within minutes of application.


Additional information


1lt and 5lt

Active Ingredients

Paraquat dicloride 276g/lt SL

Target Crops

All crops

Dose Rate

For control of annual weeds, apply 3 – 6 ltrs/ha

Time of Application


Mixing and Application Procedure/Requirement

Measure out the required quantity of the product in a knapsack sprayer half-filled with water and, agitate the mixture · Fill the spray tank with water to the required level while maintaining agitation to ensure thorough mixing of the spray solution before spraying commences · Maintain agitation during the whole spraying operation · Apply with a herbicide nozzle · See product label for further details

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4,000.006,000.00 (-33%)

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