Plastic Egg Crates(Bundle)

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Product Name: Plastic Egg Crates

Bundle: Bundle of 36)

Material: Plastic

Usage/Application: Commercial

Brand: Chishtiya

Shape: Square

Capacity: 30 Eggs Per Tray

Special Features: Specially designed openings for water and air circulation, facilitates washing, sanitizing, and disinfection of eggs.


Product Description:

The Plastic Egg Crates, available in bundles of 36, are essential tools for commercial egg handling. Crafted from durable plastic, these crates are designed to withstand the demands of industrial egg processing.

Each crate features specially designed openings in the cones, strategically positioned to allow optimal circulation of water and air. This design enhances the cleaning process, ensuring thorough washing, sanitizing, and disinfection of eggs.

While not as robust as stacking trays due to the presence of holes for washing, these egg crates offer the advantage of preventing dirt accumulation, promoting hygienic egg handling practices.

Manufactured by Chishtiya, a trusted brand in commercial poultry equipment, these square-shaped egg crates come in various weights, including 160g, 170g, and 225g. Each crate has a generous capacity, accommodating up to 30 eggs, making them ideal for efficient egg transportation and storage in commercial settings.

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Plastic Egg Crates(Bundle)

18,800.0020,000.00 (-6%)

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