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Product Name: WEEDOFF

Active ingredient: Paraquat Dichloride, which is toxic and highly poisonous

Package size: 1 Litre

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WEED OFF is a contact herbicide containing paraquat, designed for the control of broadleaf weeds and grasses in arable land. It’s important to adhere to good agricultural practices when using WEED OFF:

  • Avoid applying to green crop tissue.
  • WEED OFF is compatible with Atrazine 80WP and Atrazine 50FW.

The active ingredient in WEED OFF is Paraquat Dichloride, with additional safeguards in place due to its toxic nature:

  • A blue dye is included to prevent confusion with beverages.
  • Its strong odor serves as a warning to humans and animals to stay away from sprayed areas.
  • An emetic agent is added to induce vomiting if ingested.

When using WEED OFF:

  • Only apply by trained professionals or licensed applicators.
  • Use a backpack or boom sprayer for application.
  • Apply with 200 – 300L of water per hectare, or 50 liters of water per hectare for aerial spraying.
  • Half-fill the spray tank before adding WEED OFF, then fill to the required level.
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6,700.007,500.00 (-11%)

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