Wheat Bundle

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Product Name: Wheat Bundle

Key Components:

  • 100kg bag of Wheat Seed
  • 7 bags of 50kg NPK (20:10:10) Fertilizer
  • 3 bags of 50kg Indorama Urea Fertilizer
  • 4 litres of Gobara pre-emergence herbicides
  • 4 litres of AminoForce post-emergence herbicides
  • 2 litres of Sharp Shooter Insecticides
  • 1 pcs of Knapsack Sprayer 16L

Wheat, one of the world’s most widely cultivated cereal grains, holds a significant place in agriculture and food production. With its versatile uses ranging from bread and pasta to animal feed, wheat plays a crucial role in global food security. Known for its adaptability to various climates and soil conditions, wheat cultivation spans diverse regions, making it a staple crop for many nations. Rich in nutrients and carbohydrates, wheat provides essential sustenance for human diets worldwide. Explore the fascinating world of wheat and discover its enduring significance in agriculture and nutrition.

Get ready to optimize your wheat farming with our comprehensive bundle, carefully curated to support every stage of cultivation. Here’s what it includes:

  1. Wheat Seeds: 100kg of premium quality wheat seeds to kickstart your planting season.
  2. NPK Fertilizer: Boost your wheat yield with 7 bags of NPK fertilizer, specially formulated to provide essential nutrients for healthy growth.
  3. Urea Fertilizer: Enhance nitrogen levels in your soil with 3 bags of urea fertilizer, ensuring robust wheat development.
  4. Knapsack Sprayer: Equip yourself with a 16L knapsack sprayer for efficient and precise application of fertilizers and pesticides.
  5. Pre-emergence Herbicides: Combat weeds before they emerge with 4 litres of pre-emergence herbicides, keeping your wheat field weed-free.
  6. Post-emergence Herbicides: Safeguard your wheat crop from existing weeds with 4 litres of post-emergence herbicides, maintaining optimal growth conditions.
  7. Insecticides: Protect your wheat plants from harmful pests with 2 litres of insecticides, ensuring a healthy and bountiful harvest.

Benefits of Our Wheat Bundle:

  • Increased Yield: Our premium inputs are designed to maximize wheat yield, helping you achieve higher productivity.
  • Improved Quality: By providing essential nutrients and protection against pests and weeds, our bundle ensures superior wheat quality.
  • Cost Efficiency: Purchasing the bundle saves you time and money compared to sourcing inputs individually, offering excellent value for money.
  • Simplified Management: With all necessary inputs conveniently bundled together, managing your wheat cultivation becomes effortless and streamlined.
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506,800.00546,800.00 (-7%)

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