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    Product Name: Rake: Essential Tool for Garden and Farm Maintenance

    Key Uses:

    • Soil Preparation
    • Leaf and Debris Removal
    • Lawn Care
    • Compost Management


    • Handle: Rake handles are typically made of wood, fiberglass, or metal, providing a comfortable grip and sturdy support for the user.
    • Size: Rakes come in different sizes, ranging from small hand rakes for precise work to larger landscape rakes for heavy-duty tasks.
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    Garden Hoe

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    Product Name: Farm Tool Hoe

    Key Attributes:

    • Material: Carbon Steel
    • Usage: Outdoor Tools
    • Shape: Shovel-shaped
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    Protective Farm Overall

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    Product Name: Protective Farm Overall Fabric

    Protecting the body with suitable clothing is crucial for preventing injuries during farm work. The Farm Overall Fabric is a full-body cover garment designed to provide comprehensive protection against harsh weather, thorns, and dirt specks during farm operations.

    Product Details:

    • Weight: 800 g
    • Classification: Protective Wear
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    Rubber Hand Gloves

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    Product Name: Rubber Hand Gloves | Protective Farm Wear


    1. Protection Against Chemicals: Hands often come into contact with chemicals, detergents, solvents, and other harsh substances on the farm. Rubber gloves create a barrier, preventing skin contact and potential chemical absorption.
    2. Proper Fit: Gloves should fit snugly and comfortably to ensure optimal dexterity and comfort. Overly tight gloves limit movement, while excessively large ones can hinder work.
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    Metal Watering Vault

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    Product Name: Metal Watering Vaults

    Size: 4 Liters Capacity


    • Equipped with a sprout featuring a rose for gentle water distribution
    • Lightweight and well-balanced design for easy handling
    • Graduation marks for easy measurement of liquid volume
    • Versatile usage for light irrigation, liquid fertilizer application, construction tasks, seedling care, and more
    • Can be used for administering pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides
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    PVC Rain Coat

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    Product Name: PVC Rain Coat by Vaultex

    Key Features:

    • 0.4 mm thickness
    • PVC/Polyester Material
    • 2 Flap pockets
    • Elasticized cuff with hood
    • Size: 4XL
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    PreSonus® M7 Microphone

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    Product Name: PreSonus® M7 MKII Cardioid Condenser Microphone

    Key Features:

    • Back electret condenser microphone with cardioid polar pattern
    • Versatile entry-level solution for recording vocals, guitar, and podcasts
    • Maximum 134 dB of SPL handling
    • Includes hard stand mount, 10’ XLR cable, and carry case
    • Compact dimensions: 10.3 x 4.8 x 3 inches (26.2 x 12.2 x 7.6 cm)
    • Lightweight design: 1 pound (0.45 kg)
    • Connectivity Technology: XLR
    • Special Feature: Stand
    • Polar Pattern: Unidirectional
    • Audio Sensitivity: 134 dB
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    K9 Dual Mic Wireless

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    Product Name: K9 Dual Mic Wireless Lavalier Microphone


    • Compatible with Type-C Android phones and iOS devices
    • Plug and play functionality with automatic pairing
    • Long-distance transmission up to 20 meters
    • Dual microphone setup for versatile recording options
    • Compact and lightweight design for portability
    • Superior audio performance with 44.1~48kHz stereo CD quality
    • Built-in noise reduction chip for clear audio recording
    • Includes wireless receiver, transmitter, and Type-C connector
    • Color: Black
    • Model: K9
    • Weight: 1 kg
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    SmallRig MVC Kit

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    Product Name: SmallRig Mobile Video Cage Kit with Dual Handles for iPhone 15 Pro Max

    Key Features:

    • For iPhone 15 Pro Max
    • Includes Wireless Side Handle
    • Includes Side Handle
    • Multiple Cold Shoe Mounts
    • Multiple 1/4″-20 Threaded Holes
    • Wrist Strap Hole
    • Compatible with M-Mount Lenses
    • Swappable Lens Backplate
    • Built-In Pads
    • Horizontal and Vertical Shooting

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    Video Making Kit

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    Product Name: Video Making Kit With Tripod Stand, Remote, LED Light, and Microphone

    Key Features:

    • High-Quality Microphone: Features a cardioid wide pickup range and powerful noise-canceling technology for crystal-clear recording.
    • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with smartphones with a 3.5mm audio input jack, as well as DSLR cameras, camcorders, and other cameras with a 3.5mm port.
    • 49R LED Light: Provides bright and uniform video lighting with a color temperature of 6000K and 5W output power.
    • Convenient Power Source: The LED light is powered by 2 AA batteries (not included) for easy operation.
    • Universal Phone Clamp: Compatible with smartphones with a clamping range of 6.5-10cm, allowing for secure mounting.
    • Top Cold Shoe Mount: Enables quick mounting of the microphone and LED light for added convenience.
    • Compact and Portable: Easy to carry for travel and business, making it perfect for on-the-go video recording.
    • Wide Application: Ideal for TikTok, blogging, vlogging, recording, YouTube videos, filmmaking, Facebook live streaming, and more.
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    Extendable Tripod

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    Product Name: Ulanzi MT-34 Multi-Functional Extendable Tripod

    Key Features:

    • Hidden 2 in 1 Phone Clamp Design: Streamlined design for ease of use.
    • Multiple Using Scenes: Versatile for various applications.
    • 6-Stage Stretch Extension: Extendable up to 81.5cm for adjustable height.
    • Universal Adjustment Ball Head: 360° rotation for shooting from different angles.
    • Lightweight and Portable: Foldable to 26cm for easy storage and transportation.
    • Multifunctional Expansion: Compatible with various photography equipment.
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    Wheat Bundle

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    Product Name: Wheat Bundle

    Key Components:

    • 100kg bag of Wheat Seed
    • 7 bags of 50kg NPK (20:10:10) Fertilizer
    • 3 bags of 50kg Indorama Urea Fertilizer
    • 4 litres of Gobara pre-emergence herbicides
    • 4 litres of AminoForce post-emergence herbicides
    • 2 litres of Sharp Shooter Insecticides
    • 1 pcs of Knapsack Sprayer 16L